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Is the Coco Taps Tool Kit Dishwasher Safe?

Yes! The CocoTaps Tools and Taps are both dishwasher safe. We recommend putting them on the top shelf only.

This is so awesome! Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We ship all over the world. Shipping costs and times may vary, and we are working hard to get international distributors and warehouses to make it faster/easier/cheaper for our international customers.

I've Never Seen A Coconut Like That. Are Those Really Coconuts? Where can I find these?

Yes! The Coconuts on our website come from Thailand and are cut into that particular shape before they are shipped. They are picked green off the trees, and when they are trimmed down, the husk is white. There is also a thin brown shell between the white husk and the meat (and water) of the coconut.

They are available at Asian Markets, International and Latino Markets, and Health Food Stores like Whole Foods, Sprouts, and at many general supermarkets around the world.

You can also sample Fresh Coconuts at many Thai, Vietnamese, and Southeast Asian Restaurants.

Fresh coconuts are famous for being the most delicious coconuts on earth. They are lightly sweet and refreshing - not salty or sour. Even people who say "they don't like coconut water" are surprised at how delicious the Sweet Coconuts from Thailand are.

Will CocoTaps work on all Coconuts?

Yes! We have tapped coconuts all over the globe from fiji, Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico and Thailand. The CocoTaps Tool Kit is best used on young thai coconuts that have been shaved and whole green coconuts right from the tree. Other coconuts that have been husked can also be tapped but its a little awkward.

How long does a tapped coconut stay fresh?

Once you have tapped your your coconut you have up to 4 weeks on the water inside. Recent observations show that once you open your coconut, the water is gone within minutes from enjoyment.

Do I need to keep coconuts refrigerated?

Everyone will prefer the taste of a fresh chilled coconut ! While coconuts are grown in a warm climate, once you have opened the coconut, it's important to keep the coconuts refrigerated. Just like milk or fresh juice, coconut water can spoil if left in warm areas.